Invitation for Advertising for Beautification of
Roundabouts, Center Islands and Splitter Islands in Highways
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With 60,000 sq. m. of advertisement space in major Highways island wide, the Road Development Authority offers opportunities to advertise on Roundabouts, Center islands, and Splitter islands on Baseline Road, Galle Road, Parliament Drive, and Colombo-Putlam Road as the first phase of its sponsorship scheme. These advertisements spaces are located at busy, high profile sites and your company logo will be visible 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. This affords excellent opportunities for large or small businesses/organizations to advertise 365 days a year at very affordable rates. Additionally, this sponsorship scheme allows respective sponsors to maintain the green environment of the sponsored area with appropriate plant designs, as a socially and environmentally responsible business promotion medium.

Interested parties are expected to contact the RDA for specific information on available locations, pricing mechanism and the method of selection.

Maintenance of Roundabouts, Traffic Islands, Center Medians & Foot Walks
  1. Interested parties can come to an agreement with RDA for maintaining Roundabouts/ Traffic Islands/ Centre Medians and Foot Walks on National Highways.
  2. Landscaping of the Roundabouts/Traffic Islands/Center Median can be allowed. However any such landscaping should not obscure the visibility of the motorists.
  3. All such Roundabout/Traffic Island/Center Median areas need to be maintained in a beautiful manner..
  4. The Party who intends to maintain the Roundabout/Traffic Island/Center Median should get the landscaping plan approved by the RDA..
  5. Only appropriate number of boards of size 500x1000 mm board will be allowed to be displayed carrying a message/advertisement from the party who maintain the roundabout or the landscaping area..
  6. The approved height of flower bush in the Roundabout /center Median is 1 meter. It should not be exceeded 1 meter from the level of carriageway.
  7. 250 mm area from the edge of Center Median should be reserved with a concrete layer and its surface should be smooth.
  8. As stated in the clause (07) 250 mm concrete layer should not be covered from the branches or leaves of the flower bushes.
What benefits will roundabout sponsorship brings to your business
  1. Increase awareness of your company name, highlighting your presence in the local community.
  2. Act as an excellent directional tool, either by including details of your address or acting as your own  personalized landmark when directing people to your business.
  3. Drive people to your website to find out further details, by including your website address on your signage.
  4. Increase your image by supporting a scheme that is improving the local environment.
  5. Additional PR opportunities exist with local media.
  6. Highly attractive rates in relation to other media.
  7. Prices vary dependent upon the location of the roundabout.
  8. Discounts may be considered if a company is interested in area more than 500 sqm.
Rates applied for Maintenance of the Roundabouts Centre Medians and Splitter Islands
  In addition to this, refundable deposit, VAT and the NBT is to be paid    
  For Further Details - Contact :    
Property Management & Revenue Division (PM & R)
Road Development Authority
Tel:   +94 11 2865843   Fax:  + 94 11 2862445